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The Department of Pharmacy at the NMMU offers professional undergraduate training for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and postgraduate degrees in pharmacy and service modules in Pharmacology to the Departments of Nursing, Psychology and Human Movement Science and Sport Management.

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Pharmacists, as the custodians of medicine, play an integral role in the health care team by ensuring adequate supply and effective use of medicines. A pharmacist is also key in providing medicine and health-related information to the public and health care professionals.

Pharmacy is a very diverse profession, with pharmacists being involved in every aspect of the medicine supply chain, from discovery and manufacture to the final end-use. Pharmacists are therefore employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, government agencies (such as the Medicines Control Council and the South African Pharmacy Council), medical aid providers, private and public hospitals, community pharmacies and in pharmacy education (universities and other training providers).

With the current global shortage in pharmacists, pharmacists have been classified as a scarce skill, putting them in high demand and with the large number of vacancies for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in both the public and private health care system, pharmacy personnel enjoy job security with excellent retention benefits.

The pharmacy profession needs dynamic individuals willing the meet the challenges faced in the health care system in South Africa in order to meet the health needs of the country.

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